Special Benefits

Special Benefits—What Specific Problems will IXIM Encasement Covers Solve?

BED BUGS.  IXIM materials have been independently tested by a prominent U.S. laboratory and have been certified to meet international standards for being resistant against bed bugs, other bugs, mites, ticks and allergens.  Once installed, larvae trapped inside will soon die from starvation.  New bugs cannot enter through the zipper, stitching or material, nor can they travel up and down the material due to the slick finish from water proofing.  In fact, pest control experts recommend that hotels encase their beddings as a proven method of preventing bed bugs, not only from biting guests, but also from damaging costly mattresses.  IXIM encasement covers will stop current infestations from spreading to adjacent rooms, and will go a long way towards solving the global problem with bed bugs.

While some establishments may not have a problem with bed bugs today, it is just a matter of time before they do.   Statistics show that bed bug infestations were up by a whopping 500% in flagged U.S. hotels alone last year.  This can turn into a huge loss of revenue, not to mention the damage it can do to a hotel’s reputation.  A small investment in IXIM encasement covers works like an insurance policy against costly bed bug infestations which are likely to occur at some future date.

SAVINGS IN HOUSEKEEPING & MATTRESS REPLACEMENTS.  Most hotels invest considerably in quality mattresses and box springs.  Once a bed bug infestation occurs, it is likely that mattresses will have to be thrown out and replaced.  Recently, a hotel in Palm Springs, California underwent renovation.  Soon after, it was discovered that bed bugs had imbedded into the walls.  The entire project had to be “tented,” fumigated and all of the new, expensive bedding furniture replaced.

IXIM covers protect the mattress itself from being stained or soiled, thus saving hotels thousands of dollars in replacing stained or soiled mattresses (note that quality mattresses in flagged hotels in the U.S. cost an average of US$1,000).  Moreover, once IXIM encasement covers are installed, hotels can avoid making numerous inspections upon check out of guests, as there will be no bugs or permanent stains left on the mattress, thus saving on both labor and laundry costs.  On the other hand, other alternative covers are just water-repellent–not water-proof—and on one side only (the underside and edges); these covers can easily get soiled, needing to be removed and laundered each time.  Moreover, stains can seep through to the mattress, which may necessitate costly replacement.

IXIM covers therefore work like an inexpensive insurance policy for a hotel’s expensive line of mattresses and provide huge housekeeping savings and minimize downtimes.

As an added benefit to our customers, IXIM will manufacture each order to the sizes specified, thus ensuring that the encasement covers will perfectly fit each mattress, box spring or pillow  to be bed bug proofed. With UPS as IXIM’s global logistics partner, our customers will be able to track their shipments on line and be confident that their shipments are in excellent hands.