IXIM encasement covers require virtually no maintenance. It utilizes the same material throughout—a single, heavy duty material that has been water-proofed and is completely stain resistant from top to bottom and from back to front.

Once installed, IXIM covers can be simply left on, virtually for the duration of the mattress’s usable life. Stains will only have to be wiped clean with warm soapy water, without the covers being removed and laundered. However, these covers are machine washable and can be tumble-dried for easy maintenance.

On the other hand, other alternative covers are water-repellent only on one side (the underside and edges) and can easily get soiled and stained, needing to be removed and laundered each time this happens. Oftentimes, stained mattresses have to be thrown away and replaced, thus costing hotels huge upkeep costs, which can be avoided by simply fitting their mattresses with IXIM encasement covers.

IXIM is prepared to present its customers with a “100% MAINTENANCE FREE, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED” offer – a 10-year limited warranty for its materials. (See “Warranty” to learn more.)