factoryIXIM International LLC (IXIM) is a Nevada, U.S.A. Corporation, established in 2014, to manufacture and market high quality commercial grade encasement covers for mattresses, box springs and pillows.  This unique, quality product was designed and developed for the special needs of the hospitality market (hotels, hospitals, medical care and university dormitories).  It is geared to save on mattress replacement and housekeeping costs and is an effective deterrent against bed bugs.  This product is both water-proof (stain-resistant) and bed bug-proof.

The Company was originally founded in Singapore in 2013 for the main purpose of finding a solution to the burgeoning global problem of bed bugs, particularly in hotels.  In 2014, the Company was incorporated in Nevada, U.S.A., where headquarters were established.  This will also be the site for its N. American distribution center.

IXIM’S mission is to dominate the hospitality market by…

• Establishing the IXIM brand as the trusted solution for the global problem of bed bugs–it is effective, safe and economical.  This problem has been growing at epidemic proportions, increasing by 500% in “flagged” hotels In the U.S. last year.

• Demonstrating significant savings to be gained with the installation of IXIM encasement covers on mattresses, box springs and pillows, in terms of reduced mattress replacements and simpler housekeeping protocols.

• Developing the highest quality of cover for the hospitality market by using the same commercial grade woven polyester fabric throughout; this covers all six sides of the mattress or box springs.  Unlike encasement covers for residential use, IXIM covers have been water-proofed and are completely stain resistant—claims certified by a prominent laboratory in the U.S.A., approved by the EPA for such testing.  Its material is made of 150gr polyester which weighs substantially higher than residential encasement covers by a ratio of 5:1.   It also comes with a specialized, fine-toothed nylon zipper which will not allow bed bugs to enter or exit the cover.

(Please note that the U.S. market for mattress protectors is dominated by several companies which are focused on the residential sector. These products are not generally appropriate for the hospitality market in terms of quality and weight.)

• Demonstrating the economic benefits of using IXIM encasement covers compared to the toxic and costly alternative of using applied chemicals—for establishments already infested with bed bugs.  As mentioned, the savings in housekeeping and laundry costs, mattress replacements, not to mention occupancy downtimes (for hotels), far outweigh the present alternative.

• Distributing the product through local professional operators in the hospitality sector of each global market.  This will ensure that local market demands are properly addressed and met.

•    Pre-empting the hospitality sector by being the first serious player in this market.  Competition is currently focused on the residential sector and offers an encasement cover of lesser grade and lower weight, at relatively reduced costs (usually available on line and in malls).

•   Forging a strategic alliance with UPS as IXIM’S global logistics partner.  This will enable our customers to track their shipments on line at any time and be confident that their shipments are in excellent hands.

It is a fact that pest control experts recommend that hotels encase their beddings as a proven method of preventing bed bugs, not only from biting guests, but also from damaging costly mattresses.  Encasement covers will stop current infestations from spreading to adjacent rooms, and will go a long way towards solving the global problem with bed bugs.

(Note that if there are any bugs under the cover when it is installed, they will be killed by starvation, thus breaking the chain of transmission from room to room and from one hotel to another.)