Unique encasement covers for mattresses and box springs.

Water-Proof (stain resistant) and Bed Bug-proof

Unique encasement for pillows.

Water-Proof (stain resistant) and Bed Bug-proof

Sleep tight...

Do not let the bed bugs bite.

Welcome to the IXIM SOLUTION!

IXIM International LLC (IXIM) is the premier manufacturer and distributor of high quality encasement covers for mattresses, box springs and pillows, developed specifically for the hospitality market (hotels, hospitals, medical care and university dormitories). IXIM covers are designed to save on mattress replacement and housekeeping costs, and are an effective deterrent against bed bugs. This product is both water-proof (stain resistant) and bed bug-proof.

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What Problems will IXIM Covers SOLVE?


BED BUGS. IXIM materials have been independently tested by a prominent U.S. laboratory and have been certified to meet international standards for being resistant against bed bugs, other bugs, mites, ticks and allergens. Once installed, larvae trapped inside will soon die from starvation. New bugs cannot enter through the zipper, stitching or material, nor can they travel up and down the material due to the slick finish from water proofing.

SAVINGS IN HOUSEKEEPING & MATTRESS REPLACEMENTS. Most hotels invest considerably in quality mattresses and box springs. Once a bed bug infestation occurs, it is likely that mattresses will have to be thrown out and replaced. Once IXIM encasement covers are installed, hotels can avoid making numerous inspections upon check out of guests, as there will be no bugs or permanent stains left on the mattress, thus saving on both labor and laundry costs.

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